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December 10, 2008 Added lyrics to Yukimura Seiichi's LoP-BITTER- song, Jibun ni Shika Mienai Hikari.

March 12, 2008 Added lyrics to Sanada Genichirou's BORP song (Meisei), and lyrics to two songs from Yukimura Seiichi's album "Last Songs" (Dahlia & Sankyou to Yobarete w/Sanada & Yanagi).

December 08, 2008 Added lyrics to Yukimura Seiichi's BORP song and single (Shinjitsu + Remix, Yume no Tsuzuki) to the lyrics page.

October 2008; New layout, and decided that all of my lyric romanisations (+ kanji) can hang out over here. Check the lyrics section.


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