All of my sites. OTL.

Personal Sites

Here you find my various personal sites.

[] My online (public) blog. (view archives)
[] My friends-only livejournal. I promise I don't bite.
[] My art/fic site, where everything gets put eventually.
[] My DeviantArt gallery. Most of my non-porn goes here, when I remember it.
[] If you're looking for newest fiction/art, here's the place to be.

Fandom Sites

I'm in way too many fandoms for my poor brain to handle. Rly.

[] Fanworks & general site to Tennis no Oujisama's Fudoumine Chuu. Houses the Fudoumine fanlisting and several character/relationship fanlistings.
[] Pseudo-fansite to Tennis no Oujisama's Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku Chuu. Houses the Rikkai fanlisting, as well as fanlistings for several characters and relationships.
[] Fansite to Tennis no Oujisama's Jyousei Shounan Gakuen (static).
[] General Whistle! fansite. Houses the Whistle! fanlisting, as well as several characters/ relationship fanlistings.
[] My fanlisting collective. Holds fanlistings for tons of various fandoms.

Media Sites

Sites that host random media.

[] Scans/graphics/resources community hosted on Livejournal. Shared with Jackie and Moffit.
[] General graphics site dedicated to all forms of Asian entertainment. Hosted by
[] Friends-locked community where Pez & I share our doujinshi scans.
[] Scan & screencap gallery where I house random stuff.
[] Super Junior scan gallery. Also hosts several fanlistings.
[] A bunch of Gundam-related crap.