Pixelated is the new and improved (sort-of) version of The Whored, and houses all of Nori's HQ scans of various anime, manga, Asian boybands and other such goodies. All scans were done by Nori unless otherwise stated, and are free for use in layouts/graphics/whatever else provided you follow a few rules (they're not hard. Really.)

Read on:

  • Please credit me if you use them. A link back to Pixelated (http://ukepile.com/pixelated) is fine. If you're using them on LJ, credit sharpie or lockwizmeeee.
  • Do not hotlink. That's stealing, folks, and making me pay extra money for bandwidth I can't afford.
  • Please do not use my scans in other galleries without my permission (I'm looking at you, PoT Images Gallery, why even bother resizing them?), and do not reupload them to sites like MiniTokyo (I'm looking at you, brats uploading my stuff to MT). If I wanted them there, I'd put them there myself.

Doujinshi are no longer here. If you want to see my doujinshi scans, go check out prontastic. The journal is friends-only, so read the rules and comment to be added.

Ready? Good. You can go to the gallery now.


If you're one of those poor, unfortunate souls who likes to scan things, but gets annoyed at services like Photobucket and ImageShack for resizing or deleting your images, look no further. I am willing to host HQ scans for others, and you will recieve full credit for your work. Find the email link down below and go ahead and ask. :) I prefer scans to be a minimum of 150 dpi (left alone! not resized!), and anything over 300dpi will need to be resized to under 5000px and 7mb, or the script will not be able to parse them (giving us broken thumbnails and small samples).